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Avatar Odin

Thanks for the book rec (as well as the others on your suqdioo page.) I’m currently in the Congo and we can’t get books here but am heading to France in a few weeks so will try to pick it up there (hello! I’m actually in the midst of producing some really interesting little pieces here in the DRC, ranging from an ensemble music video to individual interviews of people talking about living with HIV to some short narrative/fiction educational pieces. I will say that learning how to produce film/video projects here has got to be putting me in a great place for producing stuff in the US or Europe. NOTHING ever goes according to plan here, things break, people don’t show up, everyone wants to be bribed (even when you have permissions, etc.) so the name of the game is managed chaos (and in another language that I *try* to speak, at times more or less successfully!) It’s super fun though, and I guess there’s nothing like trial by fire, so hopefully when I’m back in the US the whole process will seem like a breeze.