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My talk, at Push UX.
My talk, at Push UX.

Push UX 2022

I just got back from the Push UX Conference, which was a fantastic event; looking forward to posting the video of my talk. It was a wonderful atmosphere, so a big shout out to the organisers and audience.

My talk described User Fudged Experiences that happen when users improvise with our products or service, usually in an unexpected and hacky way.

User Fudged Experiences to discover what your users are trying to accomplish, explore user …

London Web meet-up

We are digital architects....part 2

I did another talk, this time at the London Web meet-up. It was the same talk at FOWD but with some extra info on things I had discovered since (CH & EX units for CSS).

The session focused on really making you think as a designer: How has language caused design block? What about the debate on things like skeuomorphic versus flat design? And what are the misconceptions about agile and self-imposed limitations of visual vocabulary?

By looking …