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My new best CSS friend – content: attr(data);

How to use the data attribute in CSS content

June 27th 2013 - Code


I have been experimenting with the CSS content property quite a bit lately. What I discovered is you can populate it with the HTML data attribute.

For example say we wanted an item to have a tooltip. We would write out the HTML like this…..

Michael Jackson Vs HTML5

August 27th 2012 - Opinion

Dead End

Our industry is over 20 years old now. Mosiac, the first web browser was release in 1993 followed by Opera in ’94 and Internet Explorer in ’95. Mostly we were reduced to viewing text files and eXcel like tables for our web pages. Linking to separate pages/documents was like a revolution in the HTML world […]

Responsive design

July 28th 2012 - Web Design

Once upon a time web design / interface design was simply the act of taking a portrait designed brochure and turning it on its side to create a landscape layout with buttons stuck on to make it cool and new media. There wasn’t a convention of what constituted good or bad web layout, semantic mark […]