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Web design and stuff

November 19th 2009 - Web Design

Just read this really thoughtful insight into web design which I have to say I agree with. Its to do with web design books and why we don’t feel as inspired to do a bit of web design after reading them (unlike other creative fields photography etc) . I feel that the problem with putting […]

Designing for the third sector

May 19th 2009 - Web Design

Smashing magazine recently did a piece on designing for non-profit websites which is worth a read if you plan on working / designing in that sector. Designing for the charities/government/local authorities can always be a bit tricky as there are plenty of limitations for example costs, images & large amounts of copy etc….Smash give some […]


April 8th 2009 - Design

Every couples of months I get an email with a jpeg attached asking me if I know what font is being used in the attachment. What I would then proceed to do is go through my entire font collection to see if I can find it or at the very least a close match. This process could take […]