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Combining git commands into one terminal line

May 2nd 2015 - Code

Having to write git pull origin branch_name followed by git add all -A then git commit -m “blaaah blaah” was getting a bit annoying so I figured out how to combine these into a single command as most of the commits I make are quite straight forward. First thing you need to do is find […]

Responsive Type

A jQuery plugin with the Golden Ratio

December 27th 2013 - Code

It seems a lot of dedication to responsiveness has been given to images and with typography ignored some what. Design is sometimes subjective but we do have some rules that we can abide by; for example with body copy we should never have more than 100 characters per line as readers would find it harder […]

My new best CSS friend – content: attr(data);

How to use the data attribute in CSS content

June 27th 2013 - Code

I have been experimenting with the CSS content property quite a bit lately. What I discovered is you can populate it with the HTML data attribute.

For example say we wanted an item to have a tooltip. We would write out the HTML like this…..

DT-phpAccordian, a simple Accordion menu

With PHP, JSON and jQuery

June 1st 2013 - Code

Finally posted this code to create a simple accordian with PHP, JSON and jQuery based on a dev test I did for LoveFILM. You can get the code from github or simply look at it below. I also posted it to gist too so you can see each file example and a working demo aswell!.

MIT Licence with Remy Sharp

April 1st 2012 - Code

I stumbled across a really cool project by JavaScript Remy Sharp.  The MIT License project is a public, open source permanent resource for the community. It allows you to create a single resource that would always be up to date and would always have your MIT details online. I created my own, which is very simple […]

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