Combining git commands into one terminal line

May 2nd 2015 - Code

Having to write git pull origin branch_name followed by git add all -A then git commit -m “blaaah blaah” was getting a bit annoying so I figured out how to combine these into a single command as most of the commits I make are quite straight forward. First thing you need to do is find […]

Experimenting with SVG

January 7th 2015 - Design

I’ve been working on a new logo and a new website in-between projects / work / sleep etc. Part of the project was to introduce SVG elements to my site and gain a better understanding of the SVG spec. The design itself is based on a mixture of the Fibonacci sequence, Art Nouveau and the […]

Future of Web Apps conference 2014

October 10th 2014 - Writing

With conference season already upon us I was invited to attend the latest Future Insight conference in London, Future of Web Apps (FOWA), where experts from the field of web come together to learn about and discuss the emerging tools and platforms that are shaping the future of our industry. The focus this year at […]

The Space

July 12th 2014 - Portfolio

The Space is a free website for artists and audiences to create and explore exciting new art, commissioned and shared around the Whole Wide World. I was the UX Design Consultant on this project. URL: The Space

London Web meet-up

We are digital architects....part 2

May 21st 2014 - Talks

I did another talk, this time at the London Web meet-up. It was the same talk at FOWD but with some extra info on things I had discovered since (CH & EX units for CSS).

The session focused on really making you think as a designer: How has language caused design block? What about the debate on things like skeuomorphic versus flat design? And what are the misconceptions about agile and self-imposed limitations of visual vocabulary?

By looking at practical ways to solve these issues, I discussed how we can embrace the scary and constant uncertainty of the beautiful journey we call the design process. You can see the video here and the slides here.

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